What The Critics Are Saying...

"A last minute replacement, Kelley Mauro fits into the cast with aplomb. She's more down to earth than many a Mrs. L, but rings true whether she's cackling with murderous glee or fretting about a competing piemaker."

"Kelley Mauro steals the show multiple times with her confident, captivating and humorous portrayal of Lucy."

"What Kelley did was nothing short of phenomenal."

"The standouts, though, are Kelley Mauro...Mauro's Lucy is bossy, beguiling, and blunt..."

"Joanne is played with brisk humor by Kelley (Mauro)."

"Of the musical numbers, which are frequent and well done, Kelley Mauro delivers some of the best material with an impressive set of pipes."

"Evillene, who earns her name, is given her due in a high-handed, robust performance by Kelley (Mauro)."